Monday, July 7, 2008

School really is out...for the rest of summer!!!

I braved summer school this summer....well that's a little melodramatic. It really wasn't all that tough. However, it was my first summer classes ever in my entire college career thus far. I know what you're thinking....first summer ever? if you would have taken summer classes from the get go, then you'd have graduated like 15 years ago! Well not really 15, but maybe 10. Ugh! I get upset when I think about that, so since there is nothing I can about it now, I'm not even going to worry myself over it.
Like I said before, summer school wasn't tough for me; the only tough part was that it was up at Sam in Huntsville and I had to commute...every day...for 3.5 weeks. Luckily, I carpooled with a friend, but still that part royally stunk! I did however, complete 6 hours and received an A in BOTH classes. So, I guess all is well when you look at it from that perspective.

Now that schools over...
I am nannying in Cypress for two very sweet girls, Lauren and Katherine. I look forward to days filled with swimming and endless hours of dress up! Just trying to make enough money to pay for college!

So thats life, this is whats been going on in our crazy lives for the past couple of months!

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