Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We've been very busy lately....June-November

I am the world's worst blogger, and quite a bit has happened since I last posted in June.

In June, we went to Gatlinburg, TN with Jason's extended family. We drove with Jason's sister, her fiance, Jared, his mom Debbie to TN in Marylyn's new SUV. It was a long drive but wasn't unpleasant. The drive was gorgeous and we passed through several states and the scenery was just breathtaking. Jason's grandparents were very gracious to set up a very nice cabin high up in the mountains for us to stay for the entire week. While the view was gorgeous way up there, the drive getting there was nothing short of a heart attack every. single. time. So much so, that we would do whatever we could to only have to make that trek one time a day. It was very steep, with little visibility. But oh the to come. We also went white water rafting (which was amazing by the way!) and repelling. Marylyn couldn't do either because she was expecting our nephew (though at the time she didn't know it was a boy) but she was a great sport. When we returned from TN I started doing a bootcamp in our neighborhood. I had actually won a free month at our neighborhood summer luau which was perfect because the girl who runs it and I had been emailing back and forth about me joining and I just happened to win. I really enjoy the class, its fast paced, we never do the same thing and I've lost inches and weight. Her site is Jason also went skydiving with some friends and he was on a high for about a week afterwards. He literally could not stop smiling when he was telling me all about it! I was so happy for him but nervous at the same time. My man is a daredevil. Lord help me if we have boys!

In July we went on our annual river trip to New Braunsfels. We stayed in a nice little house that was right on the water. Next year we hope to possibly get the 8 story (no lie!) house that was directly next door. Floating the river has been a summer tradition for Jason and I for the longest time. We enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with a cold beverage in hand. Oh the memories!

In August, my neighbor (and good friend!) Liz and I went on a girls only trip back to the river with some of her work friends. It was very fun and drama free- my kind of trip! Just a couple weeks later, school started back up for me and we've been going non-stop ever since we started. I have a great bunch of kiddos this year, they're very sweet and thoughtful. I'm not quite as stressed teaching science this year since I have a year under my belt but I'm definitely not a veteran teacher yet. I've got a lot to learn still.

In October, Jason's sister, Marylyn, had a gender reveal baby shower. We were asked to wear blue or pink depending on what we thought the baby was. We all had been thinking she was having a boy this whole time so we all arrived at the party wearing blue. Actually, Jason didn't have a clue one way or the other but that boy would go naked before he would wear pink, so he wore blue as well. The cake they had made was so insanely cute, and as they cut it open the cake was dyed blue. Kaden Mitchell Byrd was on his way! Jason and I ran in the 10 for Texas race that is held in The Woodlands on October 8th. Its a ten mile race that we both had been training for. Jason finished before me but I did continue running the entire time and I was very pleased with that. Jason turned 30 years old on the 14th. We celebrated by going to Taste of Texas with our friends Kyle and Lindsay Silvio, and Brad and Amanda Jones. It was very good food, and even better company. We had a get together at our house with family and friends the weekend of his birthday. We had a great turnout and its just amazing to see how loved we are by so many people.

So thats the latest with us from June through November. Hope I didn't bore you to death! Stay tuned for more....hopefully!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Life Lately

Well I'm excited to say that I've survived my first year of teaching!!! I have been so blessed to work at Grangerland teaching sixth grade science. My team is amazing and I've built some great friendships from it. I honestly don't know what to do with my new found freedom!! I know I want to get this house in order and organized. The nursery has unfortunately become our drop zone for all things crap! We have several things in there that we'd like to sell on Craigslist and I need to go through the closet and get rid of stuff. So my mission this summer is to organize and remove unneccessary/unloved junk from each room. My goal is to remove 100 items from our house, whether it be little or big, 100 things that we can trash, donate, or give away. I'll keep you posted with pictures!