Friday, March 16, 2012

Team Blue or Pink?!?!

As soon as Jason found out that we could find out the sex of the baby prior to 20 weeks he was all for it. Our doctor's office charges a $75 fee- but Jason was more than willing to pay it in order to find out if he was getting a little boy or girl.
I had January 16th off because of Martin Luther King jr day so we booked our appointment for that day. Our appt was originally scheduled for 1:40 but it got pushed back to 3:45 due to an interoffice meeting. I had originally wanted to get cupcakes filled with either pink or blue icing to surprise our family, but since our appt got pushed back so late I decided that little cupcake toppers would have to suffice. We got 'it's a boy' and 'it's a girl' and I figured I would return whichever ones we didn't need. Up until this point I had 5 baby dreams and ALL 5 had been about a boy- never about a girl. I was seriously like 98% sure that the baby was a boy and even told Jason that if the technician found lady parts in my ute then I'd be very surprised. As soon as we got in the ultrasound room, the tech asked me what I thought the baby was. Within 5 seconds of having the wand on my belly, she confirmed that we were in fact having a boy! She said his hand would not leave his little willy and I looked at Jason and said 'really?!, y'all learn that early!?!?!' haha. It was such an awesome experience and we got a ton of great pictures of him. Since we were the last appt of the day she spent more time looking at him and talking with us- so I guess it worked out that our appt got moved back. When we left the dr. Office we stopped by Carter's to do a little shopping. I had a 20% off coupon that was expiring that day so it worked out to go after the appt. We got several outfits, then came home to have cupcakes with our parents and our neighbors (Koehlers). I bought cupcakes from RJ Goodies earlier that morning and my mouth was watering to eat one! Our parents were so thrilled, but they all had the same feeling I had- that we were expecting a boy. The only person who thought we were having a girl was my SIL, Marylyn. She's thrilled that we're having a boy so that her son Kaden (4 months) will have a playmate. June we'll be welcoming into our family Jack Anson Gibbs.

We couldn't be more thrilled. Now, onto the nursery! I've got a ton of ideas, just hope they come together nicely.

The first picture is of the cute cupcake toppers and the yummy cupcakes from RJ Goodies....seriously sooo good!

The second picture is of Jack and I at 18 weeks- we were actually working on his nursery during this picture- some change but still not too much.

Our beautiful baby!!

We went for our first official appt on November 21, my wonderful mom's bday, (though she and my dad were away on a cruise). I was so excited, nervous, anxious, etc. Not sure of I'm just a worry wart or what but I feared that we'd get in there and the ultrasound tech wouldn't find anything in my ute. Morbid....I know. Well luckily, my great friend, Amanda jones, let me in on a little secret of how the first ultrasound goes (internal rather than external) I'm glad she did because the sweet technician never mentioned a thing- she just went to town :O . As soon as she started the ultrasound we could see our little 'Gibblett' right away. She turned the microphone on and the heartbeat was so strong and loud- Jason and I were both in awe. It seriously is the best sound you'll ever hear. I immediately teared up. Then the tech said something that neither Jason nor I was prepared for...'okay, now let's make sure that there is only one in there'. Our jaws dropped- we never even considered the fact that there could be more than one. Jason responded with 'Uh, oh crap- I only signed up for one!'. It was priceless. Needless to say, there is only one Gibblett in there and it's the sweetest thing we've ever seen. Here are the two pictures we got. 1st-is it just me or can you see a face sucking on one hand? 2nd-our sweet baby is already an angel- see the halo?!

Pregnancy so far....

I have to say that I am truly a lucky pregnant chick. Other than VERY few days of feeling nauseous I have had a great pregnancy. There are some days where I actually forget that I'm expecting! Here are some belly shots- starting with 8 weeks and them 14 weeks. Not too much change. I had been doing bootcamp in our neighborhood and I continued it through November- so until I was 10 weeks or so. I actually ran a 10 mile race when I was already pregnant- just didn't know it yet. Luckily I didn't refuel my carbs with a beer afterwards, though now that it's warming up outside that is one of the things I'm craving. Oh well, this baby is definitely worth waiting for.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We've got some BIG news!!!

I am waaaay late in posting this but Jason and I have amazing news! This June we'll be expanding our family!! We started trying in August and we're quite surprised that it happened so quickly. Jason turned the big 3-0 on October 14th and we had a party for him on the 15th. I desperately wanted to give Jason a positive test for his thirtieth- thought that'd be the best gift I could give him. Tested Friday (his bday) and got a negative, tested Sunday and got a negative again (my friend Whitney got a positive test this day and texted me about it)- I was super happy for her and hoped that I could share in her happiness...nope! After I tested Sunday and got a negative I literally looked in the mirror and told myself 'Ashley, you are NOT pregnant....quit testing or you'll go insane!'. I told myself that if I didn't have my period by Friday that I'd test again. Well Tuesday, after bunco on my way home, I felt nauseous and my chest was VERY tender. Came home and tested with a cheapie from the $1 store (without telling J)...and saw a line or I thought it was a line- I was worried that I wanted there to be a line so badly that I was seeing things. While he showered, I ran up to one of our closets upstairs and got out a book called 'The Expectant Father'. While we were getting ready for bed he mentioned needing new reading material so he wanted to go upstairs and get a book from our bookshelf. When we got into bed, I told him to close his eyes. I said how about this for some reading material and handed him the book I had gotten from upstairs. His reaction was priceless. His eyes got huge and he was like 'really? Are we pregnant?' I told him I wasn't sure but I thought I had seen a line and showed him the test- he agreed that he thought he saw a line and we decided that we would confirm with a digital test in the morning with FMU. Well there is our story of how we found out that we were expecting. Wanted to get it documented before we forget- truly doubt that will happen since it was one of the best days of our lives but still wanted to share it.