Saturday, June 12, 2010

House Tour

So last August, Jason and I moved into our new home. We were very fortunate to be able to have Jason build it through his company. We were able to make any changes that we wanted to the house and it saved us like 50K, Holla! We both have LOVED this floor plan since we first started dating and Jason started working with this company. I'm so blessed to now be in it almost a year later. Dreams really do come true!

Here are some pictures of what we've done so far to the house.
This is one of the guest bedrooms as you first walk into it. Jason's mom sleeps in here when she comes to visit.

This is our new dresser from IKEA, it was fun putting it together because IKEA doesn't include any words in the directions, just pictures. No...really, I'm being serious! It was quite the adventure because I'm super anal and wanted to make sure it was done correctly!

I'll have to download the rest of the pictures of the house onto the computer, I wish I knew how to do like a slide show or something. I guess if I spent more time on this blog then I would know how to do that. More posts to come of the different parts of the house....patience people, two posts in ONE day is miraculous!

Our sweet Goddaughter, Brianna Madison

Jason and I were asked to be the Godparents of Brianna at our housewarming party. We were so shocked and honored to be asked to do that. We love Brianna so much and proudly tell others, "we're her Godparents!". Brianna decided to come a little early, she wasn't due until around November 7th, but decided she was ready to come October 28th. She is just gorgeous and we love her to pieces!

Here is a picture of Brianna when she came to visit one night. We wish we could keep her overnight more often. She's growing too fast!

Has it really been almost an entire year!

Goodness, am I a horrible blogger or what?!?! I can't believe its almost been an entire year since I've made an entry. For the longest time, all of the blogs I've read have been of friends of ours who have children, crafting/decorating blogs, or recipe blogs. I have thought for the longest time, "why would I want to blog, I have nothing important going on in my life, no kids, etc" so essentially I didn't blog. Boy, have I been wrong. Since my last entry I have moved into a gorgeous home, graduated from college, celebrated three wonderful years with my amazing husband, become a Godmother to the sweetest baby ever and plenty more. So here is to a new change, a change of me blogging more than just once a year. So, here we go~!