Monday, July 7, 2008

Babies, babies, and more babies!

Everyone I know is pregnant! Well, not really everyone, but pretty close at least!!
~My best friend Heather, is due to have her son Kade Michael on August 27th.
~Our roommates Chad and Christy are 11 weeks pregnant with their baby.
~James and Tiffeny had Kayla Ann at the end of April.
~Several different couples from our Sunday school class, Starting Point, are pregnant or have just had their babies.
*The Smiths had Madelyn Paige,
*the Moores had Caroline Elizabeth
*the Weyler's are scheduled to have Michael David in 3 weeks
*Stephanie and Adrian are having a little girl, Lauralyn Rose sometime within the next two
*Mary Hroch is having a little guy to be named Levi
*Kyle and Lindsay just had Jackson about a month ago
*Susan and Rigo had little Anthony at the end of February

As you can see, we know a lot of families that have recently had their babies or are still preparing for their little bundles of joy to arrive. I'm sure I've left someone out... sorry about that! We are so excited for all of you, and we can't wait to see what your beautiful babies look like!


Kim and Eric said...

Found your blog tonight from the Hall's! I added you to my list. Hope that you are doing well this week! Kim

M&M&M said...

just found your blog today--not even sure how anymore.
Thanks for the sweet well wishes here!

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