Thursday, January 8, 2009

new year's resolution

Yesterday I did great with my new year's resolution. I started the day with a bowl of fat free activia yogurt and some organic yogurt, along with an orange. I didn't eat bad all day, when I needed a snack I turned to an apple with peanut butter (for protein) and later in the day to some organic cereal (not sure on the name but its the organic version of lucky charms- and its pretty tasty too!)
I ran some errands during the morning so that Sawyer can get used to spending time in his kennel. Later that afternoon I ran for an hour straight. My goal was to get 6 miles in or more since my goal for the marathon is to finish within a reasonable amount of time. I would like to finish in 2 hours or maybe a little over, hopefully no longer than 2 hours 15 minutes. We'll see on the 18th! So anyways, I was only able to get in 5.25 due to some stomach issues. I have a really sensitive stomach when it comes to running, for some reason after a couple of miles I get really bad cramps like I need to go. Any and all help would greatly be appreciated. It probably didn't help that I needed to pee the second I began running and I was holding my camelback bottle full of water- which probably weighed 2 pounds or more~ my forearms were tired after running from holding the bottle the whole time!
Anywho, thats what I've been up to....Plus, biggest loser began on Tuesday, J and I love that show. I'm hoping that is motivation for me as well!


G+D said...

Sounds like your NY's resolution is going great so far--good for you! And I love Biggest Loser, too. Such an inspiration!

Chasity M said...

Hi, I saw your comment on Hyper Homemaker about wanting to see the cleaning schedules.

I just posted mine in Google Excel. The link is on my blog @

Good luck with getting organized in 09!

Kyle, Lindsay, & Jackson said...

You are doing great!!! I need to be half as motivated as you!

Charles and Stacy said...

Hope your NY's resolution is still going good! And it was so good to see you the other night!