Thursday, June 7, 2012

showers, showers, and more showers!

Jason and I are blessed beyond measure! We had four showers for baby Jack!!!!
I'm still trying to figure out this whole blog thing so I'll try to do a slideshow of each shower....Brenden- need some help here!
April 14th- friend shower.  My good friends Stephanie, Alysia, and Liz hosted my first baby shower at Steph's house.  It was a great turn out with many girlfriends (bootcamp and softball wives), some women I babysat for came, as well as my childhood friend Lauren was able to make it.  The girls left no detail unnoticed and it was a great shower all together. 

April 28th- my family shower.  My aunts and cousins hosted this shower- Aunt Sharon, Aunt Donna, Aunt Becky, Kristen, Shelley, and Marcia.....phew! They rented a community center and it was perfect! We had a lot of people come as well, many of my mom's work friends (who attended her baby shower when she was EXPECTING ME!)- those are lifelong friendships right there! We got some great gifts~! I was shocked to see that my gracious mother in law and sister in law got us our stroller travel system.  My dad, sneaky and techie man that he is did some research on our video monitor and didn't like the one we had registered for so he got us a fancy schmancy one from Motorolla.  It's pretty high tech and we were blown away!

May 2nd- my school shower.  Hosted by my lovely team, Erika, Sue, Joyce, and Ted.  Again, we were overwhelmed at the love and support from everyone.  We got our video monitor (the one we registered for), pack and play (I was completed shocked by this as its a $200 gift!), mobile for Jack's room, among some other great gifts! At this point this kid has a LOT of stuff!!!!

May 14th- lifegroup shower. Hosted by Rachel, Ashley, Lindsay, Brandie, Christy, April, and Amy.  Our lifegroup is seriously the biggest blessing ever.  Jason and I love being a part of such a great group of caring people.  The details of this shower were breathtaking.  Everything from personalized artwork for Jack's room, to cookies that seriously looked like they came out of a Martha Stewart magazine, to the decor to the food was perfect! The girls got us our pack and play (again! how blessed are we?!?!?!)  It was such a great shower, celebrating this new life with some great girlfriends.

ETA: correction, we had five showers....yep, you read that right! 5! My students threw me a surprise baby shower on May 22nd.  I will never understand how 50 sixth graders were able to keep it a secret! I mean really, sixth graders keeping a secret?!?!?!?! There was a precious cake, gifts from my students, and advice book that is seriously the cutest thing ever! I'm amazed by the love of these students for a teacher that was probably moodier than normal this school year.  Oh, the love!

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