Saturday, June 12, 2010

Has it really been almost an entire year!

Goodness, am I a horrible blogger or what?!?! I can't believe its almost been an entire year since I've made an entry. For the longest time, all of the blogs I've read have been of friends of ours who have children, crafting/decorating blogs, or recipe blogs. I have thought for the longest time, "why would I want to blog, I have nothing important going on in my life, no kids, etc" so essentially I didn't blog. Boy, have I been wrong. Since my last entry I have moved into a gorgeous home, graduated from college, celebrated three wonderful years with my amazing husband, become a Godmother to the sweetest baby ever and plenty more. So here is to a new change, a change of me blogging more than just once a year. So, here we go~!

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