Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ideas Ideas!!!

So lately since I've got the house closing soon I have been thinking of how I'm going to decorate the house.

In the laundry room we are doing Buxton Blue from Benjamin Moore. I found this cute vinyl adhesive to go above the laundry door (when standing inside the laundry room)

I would also like to do a photo collage with black and white prints. I have some great black frames that I got a Garden Ridge forever ago so I'll most likely just use those.

We have stainless steel front loaders and Jason had his workers install a white cabinet with a rod for drying clothes. Jason and I really like the color blue so I thought I could get away with painting this room a shade of blue.

1 comment:

Mike and Suzi :) said...

I bet blue will look good! I like having a stainless steel washer and dryer because you can paint the room just about any color.