Monday, December 29, 2008

He's finally home!!

Sawyer has been home for 3 days now. We picked him up on Saturday and the breeders are the sweetest family. He has done exceptionally well throughout all of the transitions. He did not whine the entire way home, which was a long drive for J and I since we left the house at 5:30 that morning. I couldn't sleep and got up at 4:15 to get showered and to get my day going . He only whined a little bit the first night when we first put him in his kennel and then again in the morning to let us know that he needed to get outside, quick!
However, he DOES NOT like his all. He hates it, we're hoping that the more we have him on it the better he will get with it. He sleeps a lot, and loves to be very close. There have been several times when we can't find him and we'll start looking everywhere. He'll just be snug right behind our backs (against the sofa) or another favorite spot is to be snuggling in our laps. He has brought Jason and I so much joy these last couple of days.
On Saturday when we brought him home we went over to my parents' house because they have two corgis and we'd like to get them acquainted right away. Logan and Lexi really want nothing to do with Sawyer but its so cute to see him play around with them. He pounces and runs around in circles trying to entice them to play with him, but they still aren't interested.
Last night, Jason and I took S-man to go visit 'uncle Wes' and 'aunt Becky' they've got two dogs as well, Maggie and Zoe. Sawyer was a little hesitant at first because since he had just been with Logan and Lexi he wasn't sure what to think of these two girls. Zoe did great and was very gentle with him, even when Sawyer confused her tail with a weasel toy we was playing with earlier that day at my parents' house. All in all, we love him and couldn't imagine our lives without him. Here are some pictures!

On our drive home, we had just got in the car and he wasn't sure what to think just yet.

It's tiring being this cute!

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