Monday, November 24, 2008

Respect the Turkey!

I've heard this so much lately, but to be quite honest...the Gibbs household has already begun decorating for Christmas. I just see it as Thanksgiving is so late this year that it gives us more time to celebrate our favorite time of year. Plus, we'll have to take down all of our decorations (or at least our tree) the day after Christmas, but that's another post!
Here is our beautiful, artificial 9ft. slim tree. This will be my 'beautiful' tree when we finally get into our house. I've always wanted a pretty tree and then a tree with traditional ornaments and ones that our children make, etc.

While we only have one 'present' under the Christmas tree so far, I think it says it all. I found this beauty at our church's annual Winter Wonderland. I fell in love with it instantly and knew I just had to have it!


M&M&M said...

this year we are being quite patient and waiting until after Thanksgiving, but last year we had 3 trees up and lights out in front by early Nov!

Charles and Stacy said...

Your tree is beautiful! Reminds me, I need to post a pic of ours too...