Thursday, November 6, 2008

For those of you hosting Thanksgiving...

I just found this handy little tool on 'The Hyper Homemaker' (see link in Friends and Family to right) Hope it helps you guys, it certainly helped me- I could never remember this before!
Here are also a few fun tricks I learned as a child:
FORKS: The order for the table setting left to right is:
F = fork
O = the shape of the plate
R = reversal of the..
K = knives
S = spoons.

Pick up your hands and make an "OK" sign with your fingers. Put your 3 remaining fingers together and you get the shape of a "b" on your left hand and a "d" on your right hand.
b = the side of the table setting the bread plate goes on
d = the side of the table setting the drinks go on

Place settings vary by occasion and menu, and the diagrams below illustrate standard ways to set the table for casual, informal or formal events.

Casual Table Setting:A typical setting, the fork is on the left while the knife and spoon are placed to the right of the plate. The napkin is placed to the left of the plate and the fork may or may not be on top of the napkin. The knife blades always face the plate. The bread plate and butter knife are optional.

Informal Table Setting:This is a common setting for restaurants. It includes utensils for a soup course, salad course, entree and dessert. The dessert spoon or fork could be placed horizontally about the top of the plate, or brought with the dessert.

Formal Table Setting:This place setting is set for a menu of appetizer, soup or fruit course, fish course, entree and salad. There can be up to five glasses at the setting for water, red wine, white wine, champagne, and sherry.


Anonymous said...

OH YAY! I'm so glad you like that tool! I was always taught that and the bread plate and drink trick as a child. Thanks for passing it on! ;)

M&M&M said...

I love that!!! Will pass that along.
My mom used to try to test my boyfriends that I brought home to dinner by setting as many forks and spoons on the table as the last picture--and then watch to see if they knew what order to eat them in...
(outside to inside)
Also, fyi...the dessert fork and spoon that can go above the dinner plate-the fork always faces the knife and spoon below and the dessert spoon always faces the fork. Just in case you wondered!