Wednesday, July 28, 2010

House Tour Continued~ Dining Room and Entryway

So I'm continuing the house tour, moving towards the front of the house.
In the dining room, I wanted to go with a warm yellow color and literally played around with 5 or more shades. It looked crazy when we were building the house (we were fortunate enough to get Jason's painter to paint the entire house all the different colors that we liked). We ended up going with Golden Lab by Benjamin Moore, I think its the exact shade I was going for. We got this table from World Market, and we've been really happy with it. Its great quality and we've gotten a ton of compliments on it. Got a great deal on it and all the chairs/bench too! There is a sideboard/buffet that I'd like to get to go on the back wall. I'll put our china and other large decorative pieces in it to free up some cabinet space in our kitchen. I've been collecting white dishes/serving platters because I'd like to hang them on the wall above the sideboard. Maybe a lamp and a wine caddy too. The curtains are from Ikea, they're a white linen and I like how they're nice and long. I also like how they pool on the floor though Sawyer thinks they're a nice pillow for him. Ugh! Plus they were free! Yep, you read that right! Free! They were in my cart at Ikea and I looked at the receipt on the way home and saw that she never rang them up. Oh well, her mistake and that place is WAY too far away for me to drive back there. I think I may want to do some wainscotting or maybe board and batten in here to keep it light and airy with the yellow walls and white curtains/chairrail/plates on the wall. I just don't want it to get dark in there with the table and sideboard. The rug is Pottery Barn and came from my lovely husband, he's got great taste!
The entryway is just really simple but I've been wanting this bench and shelf for forever now! We got the baskets as a wedding gift so they had been sitting around for 2.5 years. We use it to hold shoes, magazines and other odds and ends. Im sure it will be more full with stuff once we have a baby. For now, it serves as a dropping off spot for friend's purses or diaper bags. This rug came from Pottery Barn as well, Jason got it for me! He loves me!

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