Friday, February 6, 2009

Our little guy isn't so little anymore :(

Well Sawyer is growing like a weed, in one month's time he gained 10 pounds, he's really a lot of fun. Especially since we don't have to get up in the night anymore, man those weeks were hard!

This is what our little guy does best~SLEEP~ and what do you know, he has to be right at my feet at all times. I'm sitting at the desk now and he's right under me.

Here he is using this rag as a pillow, can you see how long he's getting?

I just had to throw this one in, when Sawyer gets a little too rough 'mouthing' or what we call biting with razors (because that is what his teeth feel like) Jason puts him on his back and holds him in place and puts him in his place! It really is quite funny because it works like a charm, it doesn't hurt him at all and he won't make eye contact with Jason when he's doing it to him. Then when Jason lets go of him, Sawyer will come over and will lick him constantly like 'I know, Dadda, I'm sorry I was playing too rough with you, please forgive me'. Its the cutest thing.

Last night, as Jason was cleaning up the dishes from dinner we suddenly couldn't find S. Jason looked in the dining room area and there was our little man, sleeping under the tower to our entertainment center. He can just barely fit under it and he seems to be utilizing it every minute he can until he can't fit under there anymore. Of course, when I walked over to get my camera he woke up, but isn't this just hilarious?

'Oh, Momma, did you want to take my picture? I'll pose for you now'

Little pup, you have grown so much in the short time that we've had you. You have brought us so much joy. We love you!